Sponsorships Available

The CNS Summit has become the premiere event for all those involved in clinical development to meet, network, and participate in initiatives that will shape the future. As a sponsor, you will leverage the CNS Summit to elevate your brand awareness as a company committed to the core values of collaboration, innovation, and technology.

CNS Summit Patron

This is the most prestigious sponsorship available. It establishes your company’s leadership position and demonstrates your company’s commitment to shaping the future. As a CNS Summit Patron, you will build brand awareness and drive traffic through multi-channel visibility.

  • Your company's logo will be prominently displayed on the CNS Summit website home page with a live link to your company site.
  • Your company's logo will be prominently displayed on CNS Summit materials and signage for onsite visibility and recognition.
  • Recognition of your Patron status support during the CNS Summit Opening Address.
  • Acknowledgement of your Patron status on your participating employees’ name badges (Patron ribbon).
  • Opportunity to feature your company’s technology and/or business objectives through our digital channels.
  • Opportunity for direct participation or contribution to news-making content distributed to entire CNS Summit database.
  • Acknowledgement of your Patron status on the CNS Summit meeting app for your company’s profile and your participating employees’ profiles.
  • Special, non-published rates for your VIP’s and special guests using a Patron VIP Code.
  • A choice of one of the following:
              o One exhibit space in the Social Hub. With your exhibit space, you will have the opportunity for a videotaped interview for your website and/or marketing purposes.
              o One meeting room for a reception for one time slot (available on a first-come, first-serve basis on rooms within the Mizner Center).

CNS Summit 2018 Networking Badge Sponsorship

In 2016, we took the networking badges to the next level with special connect-to-function DNA helix networking badges. The idea behind these very cool, exclusive networking badges is that connecting holds the key to success. As a Networking Badge sponsor, we will post signage on-site thanking your company for sponsoring the Networking Badges, list your company as the badge sponsor on the meeting app, and include your company’s logo on the CNS Summit home page under Partners.

CNS Summit 2018 Meeting App Sponsor

The CNS Summit Meeting App provides all meeting information, including agenda, speaker list, participants, and access to the CNS Summit Platform. Sponsorship of the Meeting App positions your company as committed to technology, innovation, and collaboration. As a Meeting App sponsor, your company's logo will appear on the splash page, providing branding visibility when participants sign on to the App, as well as on on-site signage recognizing your company as sponsoring the App.

Hotel Key Card Sponsorship

The Hotel Key Card Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to put your logo and messaging on the CNS Summit 2018 participants’ hotel key cards. This is a great opportunity to get your branding in everyone’s hand, where they will see it at least a few times each day as they use their hotel key card to enter their hotel room. 1 sponsorship available.

Evening Reception Sponsor

The Evening Receptions are held in the Grand Assembly area, just outside the main session ballrooms. The Receptions are attended by all participants and allow the opportunity to view posters and exhibits. Open bars and heavy hors d'oeuvres are served. Your company's logo will be displayed on all material and signage associated with the Evening Reception, as well as on the CNS Summit website.

Breakout Session Sponsor

The CNS Summit Breakout Sessions are specialized sessions held for sectors to meet for workgroups and to work on specific subjects. The Breakout Sessions are held in parallel tracks in the afternoons. Your sponsorship will demonstrate your support of these important sessions. Your company's logo will be displayed on all material and signage associated with the Breakout Session, as well as on the CNS Summit website.

Wireless Access Sponsorship

This sponsorship is responsible for providing wireless internet access throughout the Mizner Center over the course of the CNS Summit meeting. This is especially designed to showcase tech/connected vendors. Your company's logo will be displayed onsite noting that your company is sponsoring the Internet access.

Barista Bar Sponsorship

This sponsorship provides your company’s branding exposure to all CNS Summit participants on the very useful, lit charging station. Each station can charge any phone and comes with 5 USB charging cables, allowing 16 devices to be charged at once. Please note: Two (2) sponsorships available: Prominent ($5,000) and Secondary ($3,500) placement.

Branded Charging Station Sponsorship

Everyone enjoys a freshly brewed cappuccino or espresso. Your sponsorship will provide a Barista Bar at one of the breakfasts. Signage on the Barista Bar will note your company as the sponsor, your company's logo will be displayed on all material and signage associated with the prominently located Barista Bar, as well as on the CNS Summit meeting app. 4 sponsorships available.

Speaker Green Room Sponsorship

The Green Room, located backstage, is the designated pre-stage holding area for all speakers. This comfortable area is equipped with a stage-feed so that presenters awaiting their stage call can see what is happening on stage. As a Green Room sponsor, your company's logo will be on the Green Room signage and on cards in the Green Room and participants from your company will have green room and back-stage access to the speakers. 2 sponsorships available.

Speaker/VIP Video Interview Room Sponsorship

The Interview Room, located in Veranda Salon III in the Mizner Center, is where speakers and VIPs are brought for their videotaped interviews. As a sponsor, your company's logo will be on the Interview Room signage and on cards in the Interview Room. Participants from your company will have Interview Room access to the speakers/VIPs and will be given the opportunity to have their interviews taped.

Wellness Sponsorship

Sponsor morning yoga, mid-meeting stretching, or mindfulness in the garden. Your Wellness sponsorship demonstrates your company's commitment to health and wellness. Your company’s logo will be on all signage and information related to the wellness sessions (registration information, meeting app information), as well as being thanked in the opening session.

Networking Session Coffee Sponsor

The Afternoon Networking Sessions are an important aspect of the CNS Summit and held on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Your sponsorship will demonstrate your support of these important sessions and those that participate in the Networking Sessions. Your company's logo will be displayed on signage displayed at the coffee station during the Afternoon Networking Sessions.

CNS Summit Exhibitor

The CNS Summit 2018 exhibit spaces are located in the Royal Palm Ballroom, open during the CNS Summit Evening Receptions. Each exhibit space is 10’x 10’, with larger spaces available upon request.